Simone Puddu in Giappone
Simone Puddu in Kawaguchiko, slopes of Mount Fuji – 2017 Japan

Using Emilie Warpnick’s favourite definition, Simone Puddu is a multipotential that moves from drawing to music to writing, passing from programming code and foreign languages, sociology, history, with some glances of jurisprudence. Marked for years by modern prejudice according to which we must pursue a single vocation to become accomplished persons, he has discovered freedom of expression and growth in the plurality of disciplines.

This is how after a degree in Political Science, a master’s degree in Tourism Management, study and practice of web marketing, SEO, copywriting and NLP, deals with IT, creative writing, design and more.

Born in Sardinia, he spent time in China, India, Belgium, Sicily and now lives in Malta, the starting point for his frequent trips in search of art, humanity and new sources of inspiration.