The Berserkr

The Berserkr - Chapter One
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The Berserkr is a now extinted warrior in a word that sees new progress and evolution after an era of blood and waar. But, on what is this wealthy based and what it wants to drive to the world? Why some woungster are hunted? Who knows who you are can wish to see you dead, to find out who you are can mean to live.


The Berserkr

The Berserkr - Chapter Two
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The Old Empire rise from the ashes in the young fugutives, the New Empire chases them disperately, right and wrong are the keywords for future choices. A big sacrifice need to happen, to obtain what? Would it be really a bad event? Is tome to get adult and take important decisions. Willy-nilly, our actions influence the world.


The Warrior's Path

The Warrior's Path
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Clu 'Dart is born with the Spirit's Evil, the states of swoon in which he falls are seen as a rapture of his body: he disappears, his body is momentarily possessed, Evil has access to the material world. To avoid death, Clu'Dart needs to hide and learn to dominate his emotions while the worls around him gets on fire. The last berserk is disappearing, there won't be Legendary Knights anymore, to be strong is the only law for those who are not part of the New Order. But treachery is more deadly than blades, the defense is impossible.