The mystery of Shinjuku’s benches

So finally I found where to sit down.

It is a sort of side-isle in the sidewalk, furnished with coloured cubes and banister – wooden one – to separate it from the lane. An unmistakable declares: Shinjuku Street Seat. Claps for the achievement.
Just think if in the map of your town you could see an indicator and “13: The benches, here you can have a seat”.

Simone Puddu Shinjuku Tokyo
At the famous Shinjuku benches – Tokyo

These are the first benches I see in hours and is clear that people is not used to it, they do not sit there! The pass by, shoot a perplexed look. They eyes seems to say “But hey, there is not a single uniform checking? Aren’t they paying to have a seat?” and if you don’t pay, maybe you are stealing.

You don’t believe me? I add something: I am western, I have beard – and here it stands – got green hair(!) and no one had a glance at me in the last 28 hours, I’m anonymous again. Right now, sit in the benches of Shinjuku, they look at me like a freakshow.

Is not by chance that with me there is a guy maybe Ceylonese, and an old couple with printed in the face “From countryside and exhausted!”.

Well… welcome with me in Tokyo, Japan, in the alternative and enjoyment focused district of Shinjuku. As start is intense and nice even if I should admit I arrived here without enthusiasm. At least the curiosity is starting to kick in. Being expert of Japan I would get many things, but My focus was on China and my smattering of local culture leaves me with more questions than anything else.
Like, where the heck are all the trash bins? I can’t find one in the street, but streets are anyway clean. I have an empty notthe with me, but I don’t know where to throw it!
Or else: why some simple benches beside the sidewalk are a social experiment, and I find myself in the guinea pig’s clothes?

I’ll tell you that being here, now, if I ever got any passion for mangas and anime it vanished, PUFF! But I’m happy, really. This materialistic mess, here around, must have something good and I’m going to find it out!

Shinjuku - Tokyo - November 7-2017