Shibuya and Milla Jovovich

Shibuya crossing in Tokyo is like in the movies: huge, crowded, psychedelic.

In the same way of the trains and Shinjuku station – with the highest passengers traffic in the world – it makes you understand why is in this places that sci-fi movies starts zombies epidemies.

These places are overcrowded, people is close each others. Never dare to yawn in public or cross your legs when sit but you can freely sneeze in other’s people face making enough noise to be heard in Korea. The Japanese are predisposed. To zombism, I mean.

Simone Puddu Shibuya Tokio
Shibuia crossing in tokyo, where Milla Jovovich smashes zombies like watermelons.

And so, limping for an injury, I dragged myself to Shibuya’s cross just like the Resident Evil zombies, maybe less pale. But no sign of Milla Jovovich as far I hoped. Too bad, it would have been a beautiful death.

In an small pub hidden in a side street, two local girls smoke and laugh, occasionally glance at this strange gaijin with green hair, who drinks and writes, which they will not approach.

Perhaps, I may introduce myself whit an “Eeeeeeeh…”…
Forse potrei esordire con un “Eeeeeeehh…”…

Shibuya - Tokyo - November 8-2017